Finals times offer opportunities

By Molly Brown


Finals are approaching again, and I feel we need the “Jaws” theme playing ominously in the background. With the onslaught of finals brings the final whirlwind of the three P’s: papers, projects and presentations, all due conveniently right before we get to take more tests that count for even more of our grade. But seriously, unpopular opinion time, although the weeks leading up may be killer, I don’t think finals are that bad.

Finals time is great because there are no classes. With the exception of three-hour blocks for testing, and perhaps less if you’re in one of those classes that has arranged a drop-off situation of a final paper or project a la a film noir movie, you have so much free time. There are hours and hours free, and sure you can study, but are you really spending upwards of eight hours a day studying? It’s likely the answer is no. And with all the sunny weather that’s been given to us lately, opportunities are abound for outdoor activities and some final fun time with friends.

There’s also the lovely, hopelessly optimistic outlook and excitement for summer. Even if you have an awful summer job, a backbreaking internship, etc., there’s something to be said for not having to go to school. There’s a freedom from grades, from late nights doing anything other than hanging out with friends, going to bonfires, baseball games or parties. There’s a freedom to the summer, and the eight days of finals before May 10 give us a taste of this freedom.

This is not to undermine finals. They are important. Students have spent so much time and effort all semester to learn as much as they possibly can, and finals give them a chance to illustrate the progress they’ve made. And the professors also put forth countless hours into advising, grading and helping students be all that they can be. So take your finals seriously, but have some fun while doing so. It’ll minimize the stress levels and provide a sneak peek into the summer that is to come.

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