Courtney Flagg (Senior Reflection)

By Courtney Flagg
Former Editor-in-Chief

Over the years I have become quite skilled at turning out articles rather quickly, so when I was asked to write a senior reflection, I thought nothing of it. After all, how hard can it be to talk about the hours upon hours I’ve spent in Roberts basement preparing a newspaper for publication? I’ve lived and breathed this newspaper for the majority of my college career, so I figured when the time came for me to “reflect,” something would come quite naturally. It hasn’t. Writing about something that has changed me so much has proven quite difficult.

In my career at the University, I have never valued anything more than my time spent as a part of The Bucknellian staff. This weekly newspaper has challenged me in ways I never thought possible. As a staff, we have powered through sleepless nights, weeks with “nothing to report on,” uncooperative writers and, at times, an angry administration. As my friends were hitting the bar on Wednesday nights, I would head off to Roberts, where I would remain in the basement for an unhealthy amount of time. While this experience has indeed been stressful and tiring, it was also the most fun I’ve ever had. After all, how many people can say they interviewed B.o.B on his tour bus after a concert or talked about SNL with Seth Meyers before Center Stage?

There were times, last semester especially, when The Bucknellian felt like a full-time job. I would lie awake at night worrying about news stories and unresponsive writers. I am embarrassed to say that there were numerous instances where I put the paper above my schoolwork, and sometimes I would forgo class in favor of refining articles and harassing people for quotes. But I wouldn’t change a thing. The mishaps and successes alike have shaped me as a person and helped me develop a professional confidence I’m positive wouldn’t exist had I not become involved with this publication.

Of course, the friends I have made along the way cannot go unmentioned. The dedicated staff was, at times, the only thing that kept me sane during those long nights in the newsroom. I have to thank them for putting up with my unfiltered commentary and delusional 3 a.m. babbling. They are some of the smartest, funniest and most dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I am proud to say they are some of my best friends.

When my peers and I graduate in a few short weeks, each of us will have memories or experiences that define our college experience. I am proud to say my memories are filled with my time at The Bucknellian. For me to say “I will miss it” would be a gross understatement.


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