Documentary highlights agriculture's importance

By Julian Fleming

Contributing Writer

For about the last half-century, community-supported agriculture, or CSAs, have been a popular alternative to the established commercial and industrial systems of agriculture that have come to dominate the food landscape. But surprisingly, CSAs remain largely unknown to many people around the country and are by no means a presence in every community.

Considering the bounty of unhealthy food options available to the average consumer, it is a shame that more people do not know about CSAs or have access to them.

Working with professor of English Amanda Keeler in ENGL 339 – Seminar in Film/Video Production, we first studied the forms of documentary, informational and nonfiction filmmaking. We wanted to understand how and why these films are made, as well as the purposes they serve in the real world. Knowing this, we then began looking for a local not-for-profit organization that could act as the subject for our own informational video. After much careful consideration, we selected DreamCatcher Farm, a local CSA located in Lewisburg. We were inspired by their mission to provide healthy, nutrient-dense food to the local community using balanced, sustainable farming practices, and we decided that we wanted to share their message.

Using professional-quality Panasonic AF100 cameras, along with professional lighting and sound equipment, we set out to produce a five-minute informational video highlighting DreamCatcher Farm as a shining example of community-supported agriculture, as well as a vital component of the local community.

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