Bucknell Business Leaders prepare for future career

By Carolyn Williams


The Bucknell Business Leaders (BBL) is an organization for students who want  to discuss and prepare themselves for working in the corporate business after graduation. Both declared business majors and students simply interested in business can join.

Jennie Ciotti ’13 got involved in BBL after she visited the club’s booth at Admitted Students Day. “Knowing that I have always been interested in pursuing a career in business, I saw that BBL would provide me with a place to learn about business hands-on,” she said. During her second semester, Ciotti became BBL vice president, and this semester she will take charge as the group’s new president.

BBL is a forum in which students can learn to use tools that will be necessary in their business careers within the University microcosm. Each semester, the students of BBL Inc. try to sell a different product to the University community.

“The group is a unique club on campus because it offers students opportunities in networking,” said Matt Jenson ’13, BBL’s outreach and recruitment executive. “The profits that BBL yields from selling its product helps to fund a trip to NYC that offers club members the chance to meet with some of the most influential people in various industries.”

The trip to New York City alone introduces students to successful examples of the elite business community, such as Kate Spade, JP Morgan and Ralph Lauren. BBL also brings speakers to campus for the group’s benefit.

BBL prepares its members for jobs after college. Throughout their BBL membership, students build an impressive résumé of accomplishments on campus.

“Students will have many personal and handson business experiences to talk about with potential employers in interviews later down the road,” Ciotti said.

This year, BBL plans to capitalize on the hype surrounding Homecoming weekend. Throughout the week prior to Homecoming, the much-anticipated Ke$ha and B.O.B. concert and Halloween, BBL will be selling a new product.

BBL will sponsor two speakers and visit several New York City business this year. The speakers and businesses are to be determined.

Any student interested in business is welcome to join the BBL community. Ciotti has exciting ideas for the club this year, and developed a new structure for the club itself last year—the newly reformatted BBL is made up of a backbone of committees.

“As president, I want to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their experience in BBL as they can,Ciotti said.

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