Off the Tube: 'Grey's Anatomy'

By Katie Monigan

Arts & Life Editor

In the season seven premiere, “Grey’s Anatomy” had a lot of loose ends to tie up. In the season six finale, a deceased patient’s husband came to the hospital with a gun and shot or tried to shoot just about everyone who matters, including, most dramatically, Derek Shepherd, through the heart. Cristina then performed his surgery on her own—at gunpoint.

The new season reveals that the surgery was a success, and that McDreamy has survived. Phew.

Everyone’s shaken, especially Cristina and Little Grey, who both have nevous breakdowns, but almost everyone is okay.

Although the shooting brought much-needed excitement to a dwindling plotline, as did occasional crossover episodes last season with “Private Practice” (an ABC network spinoff of “Grey’s”), “Grey’s” can’t sustain the same fanbase it once boasted. It’s most likely the simultaneous loss of George and Izzy, played by T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl. They’ve brought in Owen, Teddy and Arizona, but the loss of two crucial original characters was a real blow to the series.

As usual, the medicine is ridiculous. In the second episode of the season, an entire flag football team gets struck by lightning, causing temporary paralysis and a variety of burns to the team members. Alex Karev has a bullet in his chest and wants to keep it inside him because he thinks it looks tough, but his body is physically pushing it out of his chest. It’s not very exciting, but it’s a little bit ironic that the quintessential tough guy’s body is physically refusing to let him be tough. If anyone pokes him in the chest, he squeals in agony.

Overall, the series’ luster seems to be dwindling. There’s still plenty of crazy drama, but without Izzy and George, in addition to the loss of Burke a while ago, “Grey’s Anatomy” is losing its gusto, and it will probably take a majorly exciting change to turn the series around.

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