Carnivale di Bucknell celebrates humanities

Brianna Marshall
Contributing Writer

Plans are under way for the first annual Humanities Carnivale di Bucknell, an Arts and Humanities program set to take place on March 20-21. This two day showcase will focus on the creative process of the individual and the artistry of producing a final product whether written, crafted or performance-based. Carnivale di Bucknell is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental endeavor with faculty involvement encompassing diverse areas such as language, classics, art and music.

“While embarking on the great intellectual adventure of Arts and Humanities, students become ‘voyager[s] in the land of signs’ (I borrow that beautiful expression from Jacques Rancière in ‘The Ignorant Schoolmaster’). It is through this fantastic journey of four years at Bucknell that they learn the complex art of questioning everything they know,” Assistant Professor of French Nathalie Dupont said.

Students are asked to question issues of identity and self-masking in keeping with the theme of Carnivale di Bucknell, an exploration of the potentially unusual or taboo. All project proposals are due on Sept. 15 and suggestions include papers, creative soundtracks, construction of masks or costumes, poetry or music performances and film essays. With a seemingly endless amount of options, creativity will be at the forefront.

“As an English and German major, I am very excited to be directly involved in the creation of the Carnivale di Bucknell, because I think it can evolve into an opportunity for the hard work of our Arts and Humanities students to be showcased and appreciated in a way that has rarely been before on this campus. It is inspiring to explore the many ways in which we think and create within and outside the classroom, and to be reminded to take pride in what we do as scholars and artists,” Stephanie Scherer ’13 said.

Bucknell University Press will publish a journal for the event, giving participants the opportunity to be selected for publicationLive performances will be posted on the University website. Exceptional projects may be considered for an Arts Council award with a monetary grant of up to $2,500 that can be used to further personal research in an arts or humanities field of the recipient’s choice.

Faculty members believe students should participate in the showcase.

“Students should keep [Carnivale di Bucknell] in mind as a possibility to enrich and to give a different perspective or depth,” Professor of English Ghislaine McDayter said.

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