Hot right now: Big city foods break the Lewisburg bubble

Elizabeth Bacharach
News Editor

I have lived outside of New York City my entire life. Just 10 minutes from mid-town Manhattan, my quaint suburbian town is constantly bombarded with the Big Apple’s newest trends. Whether these fads are fashion-forward, technologically-savvy or culinarily creative, I have become accustomed to acting as the guinea pig, testing the hottest products the minute they travel across the Hudson River.

When I opted to go to school in Lewisburg two years ago, my city-centric family was puzzled by my enticement of isolation. I looked forward to separating myself from the hustle and bustle of New York and its influences on my hometown. I wanted to get away, and central Pennsylvania was a perfect escape.

A few weeks into my first year, I began to question my decision. I found myself longing for the once dreaded fast pace of society. I felt as if I went back in time, into what we like to call the “Bucknell Bubble.” Here I was, shocked at my nostalgia for ever-changing fads, constant competition and hasty living. That was until this little bubble I have come to call home was popped.

It was as if a huge gust of New York City air–fresh with competitive instincts and creative inspiration–blew down Route 80 into our little Lewisburg. Before we knew it, the University had its own food truck, the town of Lewisburg one as well and plenty of store fronts devoted to new delicacies. The Big Apple’s hot culinary scene has made its way, officially, to Lewisburg, and as a self-proclaimed foodie, I could not be happier.

Within the last weeks of the spring 2012 semester, Dining Services opened up the University’s first mobile food dispenser: more commonly known as a food truck. Aptly named the Flying Bison, this kitchen on wheels traveled, and continues to travel, around campus providing hungry students witha diverse menu of delicacies, such as late-night grilled cheese and the innovative spin of fried mac n’ cheese.

“I love how convenient the Flying Bison is for a late night snack. The food is great; I was totally satisfied,” Jackson Timm ’16 said.

Accustomed to seeing a gamut of food trucks lining the city streets, spotting the Flying Bison as I walk to my 9 a.m. class every morning fills me with joy. Not only is it delicious and opportune, but it also gives campus a breath of New York City, not to mention opening up the bubble a little to the newest fads.

“I haven’t experienced the Flying Bison yet, but it seems like a clever idea and stays in trend with what other competitive schools are adding,” Elizabeth Pullman ’13 said. 

Albeit its name as Historic Lewisburg, downtown Lewisburg is moving towards the 21st century, influenced as well by the hottest hits of the big city. Following in the food truck trend, there is now Chantana’s Thai Food Truck. This mobile marvel brings cultural aspects to Lewisburg as it moves from 501-517 Market Street.

“I’m excited about it I’m excited about [Lewisburg’s new additions]! Mostly because all of the changes involve food, but Lewisburg definitely needs help moving into the 21st century,” Brett Walter ’15 said.

Located at 611 Market Street, Stay Sweet Cupcakery opened this past August. Taking a hint from the New York City fashion of cupcakes, Stay Sweet Cupcakery features plenty of favorite pint-sized sweets.

“There is honestly no other dessert I’d rather have at any other time of the day than a cupcake,” Lauren Kaufman ’15 said. “I love the cupcake trend in the city and I am so excited to try the cupcake shop opening in Lewisburg!”

Stay Sweet Cupcakery is definitely a touch of home for me. When I’m at home, there is not a week that goes by without me having a cupcake, especially one from the infamous city shops such as Magnolia’s and Billy’s. Now extremely close to campus, I have a whole shop dedicated to my favorite culinary trend.

“There are some delicious bakeries in NYC that thrive on unique cupcake flavors and decorations. I can’t wait to give these ones a try,” Pullman said.

The “Bucknell Bubble” continues to shield us from plenty of reality’s problems, competition and basic societal ways. However, pierced slightly, this bubble has officially welcomed plenty of the fabulous and fashion-forward culinary creations that New York City has to offer.

“All of this is like bringing a little piece of New York to our small and quaint town,” Kaufman said.

For Kaufman and myself, it’s like having some of the comforts of home we’re so used to now just a walk away.

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