Trend Report: Lace it up!

Kate Jansen


Trend Report: Lace it Up!

I think the first time I wore anything lace was Easter of 1997. My mom forced me to wear an awful floor-length frock that looked more like a white Christmas tree than it did a dress. With my hair done up in pink ribbons to match my atrocious loafers, I vowed never to wear anything lacy again.

While shopping at Free People a decade and a half later, I was able to put my personal vendetta aside. For those of you who don’t know Free People well, their look is a unique marriage of bohemian chic and edgy designs. I immediately picked out a knee-length frock with lace embroidery. Since then, lace has been one of my favorite materials. It is girly, flirty and, unlike your grandmother’s doilies and decorative curtains, it can be worn many different ways.

If anything, you should have a lace dress in your wardrobe. Lace dresses are yet another hot trend this fall; visit any major department store and they’ll probably have a specialized section dedicated to lacy frocks. I’d definitely advise any fashion-lover to invest in a lace dress, mostly because they’re the easiest outfit to put together. Throw on a pair of flats or loafers and you’ll have an elegant ensemble.

Contrary to my previous perspective, I am now in love with anything lace. Last summer I purchased a pair of lace Toms, which added a feminine flair to my everyday outfit (jeans and a plain t-shirt). I have found that lace shirts are perfect for layering under cardigans or pairing with dark-wash jeans, and scalloped lace shorts are adorable with a solid-colored oxford shirt or simple blouse. Lace scarves are also subtle enough accessories to jazz up any outfit.

So where are the best places to buy lacy clothing? Excuse my bias, but Free People, Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal probably have the best selections of lace collections. Shop on.

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