Cathy's creamery comes to a close

By Laura Crowley

Contributing Writer

Cathy’s Creamery, a local Lewisburg ice cream shop, will close this month after a relatively successful summer. The creamery, located on North Derr Drive in the former location, just a few doors down from the beloved Freez, will shut its doors this Sunday. The shop replaced Rita’s on July 14.

Owner Scott Shaffer said competition from the Freez was not overwhelming and that the business has done very well in its short time running.

The scheduled closing of Cathy’s Creamery is due to a business issue. One owner dropped out just days after the store’s opening, and Shaffer was left with no option but to anticipate the store’s closing. Shaffer said he does not own any other ice cream shops and has no further plans to open any.

The Creamery’s flavor selection supports its slogan “we are not in the ice cream business serving people; we are in the people business serving ice cream!” Original flavors include Bailey’s Irish Cream, Teaberry and Graham Slam,named appropriately to celebrate the locally-hosted Little League World Series.  Bison Tracks, a top-selling flavor with a chocolate base, is catered to University students.

Other top sellers include King Kong and Almond Joy. All are homemade, which Shaffer believes contributed to the creamery’s success.

Support from the University has certainly been evident, Shaffer said, citing  the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s recent purchase of 10 gallons.

In its short lifespan, Cathy’s Creamery has been a success. The creamery has exemplified the positive relationship between the University and local businesses. As the closing approaches, University students should visit the creamery to celebrate its short but evident success.

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