Trend Report: Shine On

Trend Report: Shine On

By Kate Jansen

Eccentric patterns have certainly been on the rise this season. One popular look that has appeared in a myriad of department stores is of the sequined, shiny and studded variety. This week, I have composed a list of all of the shimmery closet essentials for this fall.

The top: This season, look for blouses with studded shoulder embellishments and full-sequined tanks. What I like most about these tops is that they are incredibly versatile; they can be dressed down for class or dressed up for more formal occasions. When paired with dark-wash skinny jeans or leggings, sequin-embellished jackets and sweaters–much like Michael Jackson’s circa 1984–can definitely make an elegant fashion statement.

The dress: Glittery mini dresses are back again this fall. My closet at home can attest to my obsession with sequined dresses, many bought for winter formals. Suede shoes­ (neutral or black depending on the sequins’ undertones) pair beautifully with embellished dresses and skirts.

The bottoms: Metallic-coated denim and faux-leather leggings have also flourished into a fad this season. These pants look great with any baggy waffle tee or sheer blouse, which is particularly the reason why they should be a staple in everyone’s fall wardrobe.

The accessories: Art deco accessories add certain vintage flare to any ensemble. My favorite place to shop for bangles and chain necklaces is Urban Outfitters, mostly because their accessories are chic and relatively inexpensive. Faux-gem studs have also been in high demand this fall. I am also a fan of the oversized analog watch. I love how this simple accessory can make any ensemble appear collegiate. Marc by Marc Jacobs and Fossil offer a variety of wristwatches in gold, platinum and leather.

The shoes: Leather, metallic and studded ballet flats also add a unique twist to an outfit. There are many opportunities to wear these shoes. For a casual look, pair studded flats with black leggings and a chunky neutral sweater. On your next shopping trip, watch out for golden-toed flats. If a venture to the mall is not in the near future, check out Piperlime and Zappos online. They have a fabulous selection of flats and ankle boots for this fall and winter.

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