Q&A with Her Campus co-presidents Liz Bacharach and Sarah Dubow

*note, the answers to the questions that do not have name labels are what both of the presidents said through email, according to Anna.

Q&A with Her Campus co-presidents Liz Bacharach and Sarah Dubow

By Anna Jones

What is Her Campus?

“Her Campus (HC) is a national online magazine written by collegiettes (college women), for collegiettes. They have about 215 university chapters. At the national level, there are a variety of college student writers that write about everything from the newest styles to landing your dream job. On the university branch level, it is basically a girl’s guide to college. Coining the term ‘collegiettes,’ HC strives to guide college women through their college years.”

What differentiates HC from other social media websites?

“HC is all about empowering women to be … the best women they can be. We have fallen in love with HC because it is honest, quirky and unbelievably in harmony with what Bucknellians (and all collegiettes, for that matter) want to know. It hits every aspect not only of what it is like to be a woman–a collegiette–, but also a collegiette at Bucknell dealing with everything from how to find a formals date to training for a marathon to landing that dream internship.

HC fiercely protects its integrity, vibrancy and originality in a world of blogs that all begin to sound the same. HC Bucknell inspires through articles of real Bucknell collegiettes making an impact on our campus, in the country and abroad. It has its finger on the pulse of Bucknell collegiette life and is a resource we want to expand for all Bucknell women to have access to. With so many divisions at Bucknell between first-years and upper classmen, greek and non-greek, varsity athletes and non-athletes, etc., HC is a way to bring everyone together while still expressing individuality.”

Why do you think University students should read HC? 

“HC is a great way to get a different take on what’s happening on campus from a woman’s perspective. From events to campus celebrities to the cutest guys (and girls!) on campus, the website serves as a source for procrastination, enlightenment and fun. We upload new content throughout the week (seven articles per week) so there is always a new article to be read, whether on the national level or Bucknell level.”

How did you get involved with HC?

Sarah: “I started reading it first semester last year and kind of fell in love with it. I went abroad last semester, but still wanted to write so I was their abroad correspondent. Then, the two girls who founded HC were graduating, so that’s how I came into the presidency position.”

Liz: “I want to focus on journalism, so I researched all the clubs at Bucknell that were involved with that. We’re not a University-supported club just yet though, so I found out through my friend who runs hers at Emory how to get involved and I figured out we have one here too.”

How can other University students get involved?

Sarah: “We switched over to an application process this summer, so we had people apply over the summer and then we have our full team–except for first-years–for the year.”

Liz: “We have a staff of about 20 writers so far, but we’re looking for first-years so we’re beginning that process in the next two weeks.”

Sarah: “But if people are interested, they can always just email us because there are always ways to get involved.”

What do you like about writing for the site?

Liz: “It’s hard not to love writing for it. It’s such a unique outlet for college girls … and it’s a very relatable source. It’s easy to connect to the readers.”

Sarah: “I think it’s also a very needed outlet, especially on our campus because sometimes I feel like the boys get more of a spotlight.”

Liz: “It’s also so much fun to write for.”

Sarah: “We have an amazing group of girls and they’re so well rounded, passionate and just amazing to work with.”

Where do you see HC going this year?  

“We are so excited to be back for our second full year on campus. Our branch is truly expanding this year with new advertising, downtown giveaways, events and more. We want to not only create an online space from the women at Bucknell, but also bring it to life from the LC to the quad, downtown to taking over fraternity row. Keep your eyes out for all the exciting things we’re doing this semester and remember to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check us out online!”

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