Campus Theatre continues to connect University and town

Molly Ford


The Bucknellian recently sat down with Campus Theatre Manager Jenni Stieler to get the facts straight surrounding the art deco theatre located on Market Street.

“[The University] had to own the building to bring the grant money to remodel to the organization,” Stieler said.

The organization Stieler is referring to is the Campus Theatre Ltd. Stieler is an employee of the local non-profit organization that has formed a mutually beneficial relationship with the University. She explains that the University is interested in investing in downtown Lewisburg to make the town as exciting as possible for the residents, students, parents and especially for the faculty who are required to move away from other cities.

“[The Campus Theater] is one of only 100 of these single screen theatres left in the country,” Stieler said.

If you only attend large multiplex cinemas, you miss out on the experience.

Stieler described the University as “the landlord” who rents the building at a minimal fee to the Campus Theatre organization, and then rents the building back for screenings and events. The Campus Theatre is a great connection between the University and the town because the two work together to maintain the beauty of the building as well as the appeal of the films and events the Theatre hosts. Stieler describes the relationship as “a win-win.”

The University screens movies every Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon and evening. Monday nights and Tuesday afternoons are free and open to the public, while Tuesday nights cost two dollars. Visiting Assistant Professor of English Amanda Keeler chooses the Monday night screenings for her Film and Media Studies students, while Eric Faden, Associate Professor of English, chooses what movie to screen from requests he receives. Stieler explains that, now that word is getting out, audience size is increasing greatly.

The Campus Theatre also plays second run movies–current films about two months past their release date. Steiler explains that the committee will play movies that receive at least a seven out of 10 IMDb rating.

Besides coming to watch movies, the University and the larger community utilize the newly remodeled theatre for private events such as cocktail parties, weddings and political forums.

Be sure to keep a heads up for special events at the theatre this semester, particularly the American Red Cross Blood Drive on Wednesday, Oct. 31. A silent classic movie based on the life of Dracula will appropriately be playing continuously during the drive.

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