Musical group gives voice to Chilean people: a representation of Latino culture

Molly Ford

Inti-Illimani, the Chilean instrumental and vocal Latin American music group, performed at the Weis Center for the Performing Arts on Oct. 11. The eight-member group utilizes over 30 instruments and numerous cultural and musical influences to create a distinctive, Chilean folk sound.

“The blending of traditional South American sounds, the versatility of the musicians and the soulfulness of their lyrics made me experience one of the best performances here at Bucknell,” Angel Hernandez ’13 said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better representation of my Latino culture.”

The performance was one stop on the group’s 45th  anniversary tour. Inti-Illimani became a voice for the Chilean people during a time of political unrest in 1967, and the group continues this mission today.

“I loved the performance, both for wonderful music and their extraordinary musicianship, but also because they continue to bear witness and give voice to people all over the world, and especially Latin Americans, who have struggled against oppression,” Professor of Geography Paul Susman said.

The group has performed at Amnesty International Concerts alongside Sting, Peter Gabriel and Bruce Springsteen, proving the group’s status as a cultural icon.

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