Q&A with Ginna Freehling ’15, President of the Environmental Club

Anna Jones

What are the new initiatives of the club this semester?

“Some new initiatives of the club this semester include a weekly shuttle to two nearby farmer’s markets: the Lewisburg Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, and the Susquehanna Grower’s Valley Market at Ard’s on Fridays. We are also hosting the first ever sustainable town meeting, where all interested individuals and clubs are welcome to join a discussion about sustainability and make connections to provide support for common initiatives on campus. We are writing a proposal for the Green Fund, something any individual or group can do on campus. The Green Fund provides money for sustainable projects on campus. We are also drafting a green fee petition.”

What are the changes since last semester?

“We have added a fall social to our calendar of events. The club baked muffins and galettes with local organic apples and pears.”

What has the club done in the past, and has it worked? 

“The club has submitted one Green Fund proposal in the past (two years ago), and the project was selected. The vending misers were brought to Bucknell through the environmental club. Last year, Katie Kramer ’13 started an Environmental Conference, which includes other colleges from Pennsylvania. This was a successful way to share our ideas and approaches to help one another in our initiatives.”

What is the goal of the club?

“The goal of the club is to spread awareness about green issues such as water conservation, alternative energy, waste and its impact it has and sustainability, and to foster an appreciation for nature and preserving the earth.”

Who all is already involved and how can other students become a part of this club?

“We have some very enthusiastic and helpful members this semester, for which I am so grateful to have on board. All students are welcome to join! We meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Arches Lounge, the third floor of the Elaine Langone Center.”

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