Lewisburg fosters fun fall culture

El McCabe


Fall at the University is not only the time when academics are heating up, but it is also a time of beautiful trees, leaves and brisk air. When walking around campus, it is impossible not to notice the numerous shades of the rainbow in the leaves of our picturesque trees. After all, the University is ranked among the most beautiful colleges in the nation. There are also perks to living in the town of Lewisburg itself this fall season.

For example, Ard’s Farm is an opportunity unique to Lewisburg. Ard’s Farm is a restaurant, mom-and-pop shop, pumpkin patch, corn maze and market all in one. There are shuttles from the University that take students to the farmer’s market every Friday, making it an easy and perfect way to start a weekend. You can purchase pumpkins to carve for hall bonding or even just to decorate your room. Finally, Ard’s Farmer’s Market is a fun change of pace and offers an easy way to take a break from Caf food. The menu features delicious pulled pork sandwiches, fresh burgers, shepherd’s pie and countless other delicious items.

Additionally, downtown Lewisburg offers many fun fall- and Halloween-themed events. This Saturday there is a “Rocky Horror” showing at the campus theatre–admission includes a prop bag–and the ticket itself is only $10. This event highlights Lewisburg’s spirit during fall and excitement towards Halloween.

Lewisburg is the ideal place to live this fall because of the town’s dedication to and appreciation for the arts. Between performances at the Weis Center for the Performing Arts by musicians, singers and groups, and art galleries in town and along the Poetry Path, it would be an understatement to call Lewisburg “cultured.” Not many college towns offer such diverse ranges of expression in the arts, and students should definitely take advantage of what our town has to offer.

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