Sleeping Around: Homecoming Hook-Ups

Dixie Rose

Homecoming weekend is a great time. The school is decked out in blue and orange (I especially like the new banners outside the Elaine Langone Center), and everyone’s school spirit is through the roof. Alumni are returning for the weekend and everyone is excited to have them back. Well, to have most of them back. I know everyone is excited to see the graduated members of their fraternity or sorority, sports team, a capella group or other organizations return for the weekend. But, what about those alumni you don’t want to see?

I think it’s safe to say that most people on this campus have regretted hooking up with someone at one point or another. The regret might not come immediately, but at some point you look back and realize exactly what you did. What were you thinking? Now, in my case, that situation has graduated … but is planning on returning for the weekend. So, how do you deal with the return of an alumnus that you used to have a “thing” with?

A situation is only awkward if you make it awkward, and completely avoiding the person will just be awkward. Not only that, but it gives off the vibe that you still care, which you shouldn’t. And if you do, stop caring. They graduated. This is not someone that you have to see every day; it is only for one weekend. So it is fine to say hi, make polite conversation and then find an excuse to leave. For those of you girls in a sorority, think about it like the first round of recruitment. You want to be pleasant and interested in what they are saying without being too emotional or serious. Keep conversation light. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up having one too many glasses of Andre and letting something slip that should not.

Hopefully their graduating has put some space between the two of you, and it is possible to be friendly. Besides, running into one alumnus that you may have drunkenly made out with should not ruin your weekend. Focus on the people you actually want to see and the events you actually want to go to, instead of focusing on who you may or may not run in to. No matter what your relationships are with the returning alumni, it is bound to be an exciting weekend.

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