Romney brings new needed policy changes to the table

Joe Selvaggio, Josh Cohen, and Pat Whales
Contributing Writers

On Nov. 6 the American people will make a decision that will affect the future of our generation and generations to come. We will either continue to mortgage our futures on Barack Obama’s promise of continued change, all of which has been overwhelmingly negative to date, or we can forge ahead on a new path, offered by challenger Mitt Romney, toward smaller government, more individual freedom and economic prosperity. The choice is ours, yet many Americans have been taken by Obama’s strategy of character assassination focused on defaming Romney in order to deflect attention from his own abysmal job performance. Romney was 100 percent correct when he said we Americans value our rights to fire incompetents who work for us and replace them with individuals better suited to the task at hand, and we hope that voters will replace the arrogant, contemptuous and incompetent occupant of the White House with a new president next week.

Of course, Obama’s reluctance to run on his record comes as no surprise. That record of failure includes a pork-laden stimulus plan that promised economic expansion but resulted only in adding $1 trillion to our national debt (which bloated by 60 percent to $16 trillion by the 3 and 1/2 year point in his administration) and advancing the cause of crony capitalism. Unemployment has been significantly higher than the levels Obama promised us in the white paper by Christina Romer supporting his “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” and remains 2.2 percentage points higher than where we were told it would be today (7.8 percent vs 5.6 percent). In February 2009, Obama promised that he would be “held accountable” for his actions and that if he did not fix the economy, he would be “looking at a one-term proposition.” Given this, we wonder why he is running for reelection.

Obama has also attempted to associate his Obamacare with Romney’s healthcare plan in Massachusetts. In the second debate, Obama correctly stated that Romney’s plan “hasn’t destroyed jobs” and “is bringing down costs.” However, healthcare at the state and federal level simply cannot be compared. At the state level, socialized healthcare appropriates money far more efficiently by allowing an individual state to care for its constituents based on their specific needs, which, in general, are far more detailed than the needs of the entire country. Managing information flow to and from Boston about the state of the Massachusetts healthcare market is far less costly than centralizing and acting upon such information for the United States as a whole. Obamacare will cost an estimated $2,500 more than current traditional plans despite Obama’s claims to actually reduce costs by $2,500 (a $5,000 spread). Cost estimates by the “nonpartisan” Congressional Budget Office have skyrocketed from $939 billion at the time of the bill’s passage to over $2 trillion by the time the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare’s individual mandate is indeed a tax.

We will not touch upon the Benghazi cover-up scandal, the Obama apology tour, Solyndra, Obama’s trampling on the rights of religious believers nor the obvious corruption of his Justice Department in its handling of the Black Panther voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, not to mention the other scandals.

Although desperate leftists in Chicago and elsewhere are over the prospect of losing the presidency, it serves as a poor excuse to fire false ad hominem attacks at Romney and to the American people. These left-wing partisans have accused Romney at various times of causing the cancer of an employee’s wife, being a felon and belonging to a cult. This campaign has been one of the dirtiest ever with the incumbent devoting 85 percent of his ads toward debasing his challenger. This is not the American way. We believe in a country where the issues take center stage and republicans, democrats and independents move us forward through compromise. Therefore we reject Obama’s politics of personal destruction.

Romney worked with Democrats and Republicans alike as governor of Massachusetts and we are confident that he will continue to be a bridge builder as our 45th president.

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