Trend Report: The Best Time to Wear a Knit Sweater

The Best Time to Wear a Knit Sweater

Kate Jansen


In response to the title of this article, the best time to wear a knit sweater is all the time! I think we can all agree that the recent weather has taken an unprecedented shift towards winter a little sooner than anticipated. That being said, the simple knit sweater can keep you cozy during these cold months, and can be worn in several ways.

1. The cowl neck knit. Why would I be advocating for a turtleneck sweater? For practical reasons, these cozy knits keep us warm. You can go scarf-less while wearing this look. Pair an oversized cowl neck or turtleneck knit with metallic or black leggings or dark-washed skinny jeans. Finish the outfit off with knee-high riding boots.

2. The cable knit. Another timeless wardrobe staple is the cable knit sweater. Look out for cable knits of the chunky and neutral variety. Cable knits are easy to accessorize; throw on a simple drop chain necklace and a neutral infinity scarf to complete the look. This season, also watch for cable knits with leather or printed patchwork on the elbows. For an outdoorsy outfit, pair these sweaters with jeggings and Bean Boots.

3. The layered knit. You can be very creative with whisper-thin cashmere tees and sweaters. For a preppy-collegiate look, try layering oxford shirts under cashmere knits. Cashmere tees can also be layered under each other. For example, try layering a neutral or solid-colored cashmere tee underneath a horizontally striped sweater. Pair this look with cords and loafers and you’ll be ready to brave the soon-to-be-winter weather.

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