Trend Report: Black Friday

Black Friday

Kate Jansen


In one week’s time, we will be stuffing ourselves with Thanksgiving leftovers and deliberating whether or not we are fit enough to join Black Friday’s shopping extravaganza.

For the past few years after Thanksgiving, my mom and I have ventured to New York City to join the anxious mobs of other mother-daughter pairs in search of the best bargain. For those who have not participated in Black Friday, allow me to put things into perspective. Black Friday is a survival of the fittest game of sorts. Women of all ages fight for the cheapest overall haul of garments. My mom and I have witnessed this on several occasions while shopping at Bloomingdale’s. Small mountains of last season’s sweaters litter the department store floor. Mothers go through piles in the dressing room, willing to snag the cheapest cardigan, even if it means they will lose an earring in the process.

I have found that the best way to cure any Turkey Day hangover is to beat the mad rush and shop online. Personally, I think that major department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue offer better deals online than they do in stores. Other popular retail stores offer major blowout sales the Friday, Saturday and Monday after Thanksgiving. I’d pay close attention to sales that are exclusive to Cyber Monday; these could be the best deals of the season. And so, next weekend, channel your inner shopaholic and grab your laptop.

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