Feinstein and Young share their poetry and experiences

Molly Ford

The Stadler Center for Poetry hosted a joint reading with Sascha Feinstein and C. Dale Young on the evening of Nov. 13 in Bucknell Hall. Both poets took turns reading a selection of their poetry for University faculty, students and guests. Earlier that day in Willard Smith Library, Feinstein spoke on jazz and memory, while Young talked about balancing artistic pursuits with a professional life in Walls Lounge. Their readings that night reflected these topics.

Feinstein’s work incorporates jazz in its patterns and form, and refers to other artists and their work. Through his poetry, Feinstein hopes to “express the lasting qualities of art.” Feinstein’s work puts the arts of jazz and poetry in conversation.

Young is an oncologist, as well as a poet and editor. During his faculty introduction, Young’s measured stanzas were described as “immaculate, well-structured rooms in which the reader walks.” He combines his experiences as a full time physician and his life as an artist in most of his poems. Young offers a unique point of view as he reveals the emotion and art behind a professional job in medicine.

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