Cocktail Theatre: An Evening of One-Act Plays

Molly Ford


If you are looking for a treat before finals, stop by the Tustin Studio Theatre on Dec. 3 and 4 at 5 p.m. to see “Cocktail Theatre: An Evening of One-Acts.” This series of one-act plays is directed by students from Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance Anjalee Hutchinson’s Theater 240 class.

Hannah Cordes ’15, a student director, explained that there are nine Cocktail directors, each in charge of a few cast members. Professionals wrote the one-acts, but everything else is up to the students. Since the cast members are student volunteers, this event brings the theater department together to support the novice directors.

Not sure what to expect?

“The theme of this year’s cocktails is ‘lovers and strangers,’ so it encompasses a lot of really great stories (both comedic and tragic) about chance encounters as well as deep-rooted romantic relationships,” Cordes said.

Support the University’s theater students next week as they show off their talents. Admission to all of the plays is free.

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