Students discuss campus climate

By Allison Busacca


The University’s Campus Climate Report released last fall caused a stir around campus. Doug Bogan ’14 was determined to do something about it.

On Nov. 29, Bogan hosted “The Bucknell ‘Rage Crew:’ is this all we really are?” which is the first student-led discussion for students only (no faculty) about the Campus Climate Report.

“Our goal is to give students the opportunity to not only discuss their thoughts on these matters, but to brainstorm action steps to directly address these issues,” Bogan said.

Bogan’s interest in this matter is rooted in his years of experience using this discussion model. Alongside training from his mother, Lisa Bogan ’78, he has managed to change high school start times and successfully host 1,000+ person concerts.

“[The model] emphasizes consensus building among participants surrounding action steps to address an issue through small group discussion,” Bogan said.

When the Campus Climate Report was released, Bogan and his mother wondered how students’ voices were going to be heard by the school administration. They were interested in starting a community conversation, and having students and the administration collaborate on “post-report change.”

Both Bogan and his mother presented their idea to administrators as a student/alum collaborative effort.

“We received incredible support and enthusiasm surrounding the concept,” Bogan said.

Students involved on the planning committee for this event include Robert Owoyele ’13, Kari Ayoob ’15, Caroline Confort ’14, Alaina Eisenhooth ’13, Pat Zailckas ’14, Ian Hackett ’15 and Mark Paleafico ’13.

Preparation over the past eight months has included working with the deans, promoting the event and recruiting and training 27 students to be moderators at the event. These moderators led small-group discussions to brainstorm how to take action.

“We expect that the steps needed to take action will be thoughtful, reasonable and directly applicable to student life here on campus,” Bogan said.

Common sentiments and plans of action amongst the groups will be presented to the administration, followed by a formal report.

Last year, there were two open student forums, one hosted by President John Bravman and one by Bucknell Student Government (BSG), but Bogan’s event reminds us that it is important to continue the dialogue.

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