Exercise and relaxation can help alleviate winter doldrums

Caroline Schaeffer

Staff Writer

Ever heard of the winter blues? If you haven’t, you probably live in Jamaica or California, but for anyone who’s ever experienced sleet, rain, snow or, my personal favorite, wind chill, it should come as no surprise that bad weather has been known to create bad moods. There’s even a name for it: Seasonal Affective Disorder (rightfully abbreviated as SAD) describes a drop in people’s general morale if the weather isn’t to their liking. Living in Lewisburg, we all probably know the side effects of bad weather pretty well, but is there any way to cure us of our SADness?

For me, exercise always helps. I know that trekking down to the gym may not seem ideal in 32 F weather, but if you get a satisfying workout in, not only do you feel good about yourself afterwards, but you’re perfectly licensed to hit up the sauna as a reward! What’s a better way to combat the winter chill than sweating it all off in the school sauna? Just close your eyes and think of paradise.

If exercise isn’t really your thing, or if the pathways haven’t been iced yet and you legitimately run the risk of injuring yourself if you step outside, fighting the winter blues can be done right from your warm, comfy bed. Make some hot chocolate and watch a movie with your friends in the middle of the day to give yourself a well-deserved break. I can guarantee the sub-zero temperatures will be far from your mind.

Most importantly just embrace the season. Winter is winter and until global warming really kicks into high gear we’re pretty much stuck with it, so embrace it! It’s only for a few months each year and spring is right around the corner. Dress warmly, try not to horrifically slip on that patch of ice in front of the library and cuddle up to old Jack Frost for just a little longer and soon your SADness will melt away.

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