Mercado Burrito provides a fun alternative for downtown dining

El McCabe

Senior Writer

One of the most exciting additions to Lewisburg this semester is Mercado Burrito. This restaurant is the final piece of the ethnically diverse puzzle of restaurants Lewisburg has to offer. With great food and even better prices, trying Mercado Burrito is a must. It has all the delicious options of a Chipotle or a Moe’s, as well as the chance to personalize your burrito without breaking the bank. It is also perfect for going out to dinner for a friend’s birthday because he or she will get to wear a “birthday sombrero” and the restaurant provides a relaxed atmosphere.

I suggest trying the mini-burrito combo that comes with an eight-inch burrito, chips and your choice of soft drink. The burrito is the perfect size and it leaves room for the delicious chips and salsa. Mercado Burrito’s salsa comes in three varieties, but the medium has just the right level of spice. Another exciting aspect of this culinary gem is the late night specials. On select nights Mercado Burrito is open until 3 a.m. when tacos are sold for two dollars and breakfast burritos for six. It is the perfect place to go for a midnight snack after the Caf and Bison are closed, or after hanging out downtown. Finally, I suggest trying the virgin strawberry daiquiris and margaritas. The restaurant is BYOB, but these tasty mixed drinks are satisfying without the alcohol. On select days, these drinks are half priced, and as spring approaches they will be perfect on a hot day.

There is nothing not to love about Mercado Burrito. It brings an entirely new taste and type of food to Lewisburg and for prices under 10 dollars. And who doesn’t want to see his or her friends wear a birthday sombrero? Go out and try it before the semester ends; I promise you will not be disappointed.

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