Students play real-life Battleship in pool

Andrew Arnao

Sports Editor

The Kinney Natatorium turned into a maritime battleground on March 2 as A.C.E. hosted the first ever Canoe Battleship. Thirty-two teams of four to six members jumped into canoes and faced off against each other in a fun, exciting competition. Armed with buckets, water guns and shields, the teams attempted to fill rival canoes with water and sink them before they were sunk themselves. Aquatic foods were also served to the observers, including Swedish Fish suspended in blue jello and Goldfish.

After many splashes, waves, and team captains saluting the crowd as their canoes sank beneath them, a final champion was declared. The Wallabies, with team members Daniel Flanigan ’13, Tom Palley ’13, Abbott Cowen ’13 and Matt Deysher ’15, were the last team floating and took home the Canoe Battleship crown.

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