University should invest in animal shelter on campus

Emily Evancho
Contributing Writer
I have a working theory that House Party Weekend inspires University students to come up with fantastic ideas. I say this because a pretty awesome idea came to me in an odd dream last Friday night which makes me vaguely believe that House Party Weekend may be the true source of University students’ inspiration. In my dream, I walked into the Elaine Langone Center where there was a new tan and circular addition in the middle of the downstairs mall that housed newborn puppies that students could hold and play with. Then I awoke and rolled over with the faint realization that there is only one thing the University needs: we need an animal shelter.
Crazy, right? Perhaps that dream was the pure manifestation of my own desperate desire to see my dog and cats, or perhaps it was a true stroke of genius. Fact of the matter is, the University has an extremely intense atmosphere that expects and receives the best from its students. “The best” does not come from those students without stress, and what better way to relieve stress than to cuddle with a sweet animal?
The love and calming effect animals can have on people, especially stressed students in a rigorous academic environment, is more than enough reason for the University to consider bringing furry friends into our little bubble. Aside from the therapeutic, positive effects an animal shelter would have on students, the thousands of homeless dogs, cats and other small animals in Pennsylvania could also benefit by being taken into a welcoming environment that truly needs and can give love.
Besides that, can you imagine the positive publicity the University would receive among college campus review sites and prospective students? Few, if any, colleges in America have an animal shelter on campus. Adding a place for cute animals would not only benefit the students and the animals, but also the reputation of the University and the ability of the Admissions Office to attract new students to our amazing campus.
The University has already given a home to the bats and monkeys here on campus. I bet those bats and monkeys would love some more small fluffy friends (other than the squirrels) that they could play with! Okay, maybe not. Needless to say, we already have monkeys and bats. Why not make the University the coolest and most stress-free campus in America with the adoption of adorable animals? So what do you say, President Bravman? Can we get a puppy?
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