People should not try to avoid their hook-ups on campus

Sarah Morris

Staff Writer

There’s a strange phenomenon that occurs here on campus: kids go out on the weekends, make new friends, have sex with each other and then somehow completely forget that any of the people they have met actually exist. No, I’m not referring to blacked-out forgetting, I’m talking about that “I’m too cool for you” attitude that all of us decide is important the second the weekend is over.

What makes all of us so special? There’s an unspoken rule here that if you decide to go out and hook up with someone, whether you remember it or not, it is your duty to make that person feel like they are a speck of dust on an otherwise clean windshield that is your view of the world. Of course we don’t remember each other, we were probably too busy looking at ourselves in the mirror during the hook up, because obviously, we are more important than anyone else.

I notice that you also go to the Bison for lunch, but don’t you dare look at me lest I tell the entire school that you’re creepy and over attached. Trust me, I care so little about what we did over the weekend that I am pretending I do not know who you are. You would be wise to do the same.

What is wrong with this culture? Why can we not seem to accept that seeing somebody naked over the weekend and pretending he or she doesn’t exist isn’t “cool” or even normal? We both know it, too. There’s nothing worse than having an awkward encounter with someone you’ve hooked up with before and being forced to stand around acting like you’ve never even met.

We shouldn’t be pretending the people we’ve seen naked don’t exist, we should be high-fiving each other and celebrating the experience! But in all seriousness, something has got to change. Nobody wants to walk around campus worrying that he or she is going to run into that special somebody from the weekend because obviously, you will run into that person. On campus, you always run into the people you want to see least. So change it up! Say hello to the person you’ve seen naked, give him or her a wink–he or she will understand.

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