Spring at the University offers fun opportunities for students

Gillian Feehan

Contributing Writer

Spring has finally arrived here in Lewisburg! Unfortunately, along with this nice weather comes the dreaded end of the semester. Professors are cramming in last-minute papers and exams, and it’s nearly impossible to motivate yourself to stay inside and do any of this work. Even though April is a busy month for everyone, make sure you take some time to enjoy the rest of the school year with your friends. Believe it or not, Lewisburg offers a lot of fantastic things to help you enjoy the spring.

The simplest way to enjoy spring here is to go outside and enjoy the weather. The academic quad is the perfect place to lie out, get a little color and maybe even do some work. If you live downhill, the Smith quad is also a great place to relax outside. Many students enjoy playing soccer or ultimate Frisbee, but if you’re not into playing sports, you can always grab a drink from Seventh Street Café and watch your friends. Playing or relaxing outside is a wonderful way to enjoy the spring and improve your mood.

Make sure to treat yourself every once in a while this spring! As you all should know by now, The Freez has reopened for the summer. Enjoy the spring weather by taking a walk down to The Freez with your friends. Forget about your summer diet for a day and enjoy yourself! Seriously, nothing in this town is better than The Freez. For caffeine addicts like me, make sure you go to Dunkin’ Donuts. I was so excited to find out that medium iced coffees are only $0.99. How great is that?!

The University also offers some fun spring events. Most of you probably know about a huge University tradition, Chrysalis. This year, Chrysalis will be starring Pat Benatar (she sings “Love Is A Battlefield,” for those who have no idea who she is). Don’t make the mistake of skipping Chrysalis because you think it will be lame, because you will regret it. Take advantage of the “college prom” that the University has put together, enjoy some live music and feast yourself because the food is spectacular. I also recommend reliving high school a little and taking fake prom photos with your friends; you’ll have hilarious pictures to laugh at for years to come!

While the end of the semester often comes with more studying and work than any of us would like, we all need to make sure to make time to enjoy spring and the end of another year with our friends. Take a little time each day to sit outside and relax and maybe treat yourself to The Freez or Dunkin. Be sure to enjoy your weekends (safely, please!), and take advantage of the fun events like Chrysalis. April doesn’t just have to be a stressful month, so go out and have some fun!

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