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Lupe Fiasco Surprises Concert Goers

By Ethan Weber

This year’s Spring Concert was marked by differing degrees of professionalism from acts Lupe Fiasco and Third Eye Blind. It is no secret that one half of the concert was more enjoyable than the other. Indeed, before the event had ended, Lupe Fiasco’s behavior had become the talk of the campus.

Mr. Fiasco was the model of professionalism and conducted himself with the utmost class. His commitment to quality impressed all in attendance as he apologetically stopped the show numerous times to request changes to lighting and sound. So dedicated was he to enhancing the experience that he frequently stopped in the middle of songs to make necessary adjustments. The act became a collaborative attempt by both the artist and technicians to deliver the optimal performance to University students. When Lupe was ultimately unable to put on a show that met his high standards, he graciously left the stage rather than subjecting his audience to subpar renditions of his songs.

“I’m gonna have to do something I’ve never done in my entire career,” Fiasco said, “and that’s not finish a show.”

Students were so moved they began shouting for him to return to the stage.

Third Eye Blind did not share Lupe Fiasco’s dedication to quality. Upon walking on stage, lead singer Stephan Jenkins asked the audience if the lighting and sound were to its liking only to declare, “I don’t [care] if it is or if it isn’t. I don’t care if the lights go out or if the sound goes out.” The student body’s disapproval of Jenkins’ lack of professionalism has manifested itself in Lupe Fiasco remaining a popular topic of discussion on campus while little mention is made of Third Eye Blind.

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