Tanning is not only extremely harmful but also unattractive

Mary Morris


The second the weather reaches 70 degrees (even if only for an hour), summer seems to be on the horizon. And with the season of beach bods upon us, some people choose to get a head start on their bronze glow with fake tanning.

This is a trend that I cannot understand. In essence, everyone should be a little discolored from the winter season–it’s natural. Orangutan orange is not; fake tanners end up looking like overgrown oompa loompas or Snookis. No one is expecting you to be the perfect shade of tan yet, so why all the hassle for a fake tan?

Okay, you can’t stand your pasty glow, but are you really willing to increase your chances of getting skin cancer instead? It’s no secret that increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is linked to increased risks of cancer. Lying in a sweaty booth made for the purpose of directing UV radiation at your body for a sustained amount of time is the kind of activity that can leave you riddled with melanoma and even a nice lobster burn.

If being pale really bothers you that much, then I would at least recommend opting for the spray tan or picking up a bottle of Jergen’s. While you may turn out orange or battle streaks, with some practice, the appropriate color can be attained and the application technique perfected.

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