How well does Bucknell live up to its goal of promoting diversity on campus?  How can it do a better job?

“The diversity in our student body is definitely lacking and the international students that are here have a tendency to stick to themselves.  I think the problem starts with the separate orientation program for international students.  The school should continue providing this program but also integrate international students into the general orientation program.”—Ivana Stojkov  ’13

“Common Ground is one of the greatest ideas I’ve seen to promote diversity on campus.  It is effective because it continually encourages people of different backgrounds to discuss controversial issues such as race and sexuality.  The school should learn from this and encourage discussion in other areas like diversity lectures.  Presently these lectures are ineffective because it doesn’t incorporate the attending students into the discussion.”—Michael Kumcu ’12

“I definitely think Bucknell does a decent job but there is always room for improvement given that these issues are such a huge part of the college experience.”—Kate Palmer ’11

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