Cap and Dagger creates comedic play in 24 hours

Anna Jones, Arts & Life Editor

“Awkward” may be the name of a popular MTV show, but it’s also the title of the hilarious play put on this weekend by Cap and Dagger Theatre Club.

The show was part of the 24-Hour Play Project, a program sponsored by the theatre club.

“The participants get together at the Galloway House on the first Friday night of the semester and work into the night writing the script themselves,” Madison Lane ’14 said.

The writers then perform the show they’ve created exactly 24 hours later. This year, the theme was “first impressions,” so after many hours of planning and writing, the team came up with “Awkward.”

The play began with three couples reminiscing about meeting on a dating show, followed by a flashback to the show. The rest of the play was a mash-up of flashbacks and current scenes between all three couples, with a blind character wandering aimlessly through almost every scene.

Since the show only had 24 hours to be written and practiced, it consisted of mostly short snapshot scenes from each writer.

The play was part of the Arts. Everywhere. weekend, a three-day festival in Lewisburg packed with exhibitions from almost every art outlet on campus, including theater organizations. Cap and Dagger is a theatre and networking club that draws together current students interested in theatre, as well as the University’s alumni who have gone on to pursue professional careers in theater or dance.

Though the whole club doesn’t have to participate, first-years are encouraged to contribute as a way to meet older Cap and Dagger students.

“It’s the first impression for many new Cap and Dagger members and it never disappoints,” Gabe Calleja ’16 said. “It was definitely worth the sleepless night.”

With six upperclassmen joining in on the project this year, the seven first-years were encouraged to forge bonds within the theatre community on campus.

“It’s really fun!” Lane said. “We play theater games, we get late night pizza, and our advisor comes over and helps us make breakfast in the morning.”

“The 24-Hour Play Project is wonderful because it does not focus on acting or directing or tech but … on community collaboration and … live theatre which is what the theatre department is all about,” Sam Gates ’16 said.

The 24-Hour Play Project happens every fall, and Cap and Dagger is active throughout the year. For more information about getting involved with Cap and Dagger, contact Anjalee Hutchinson, assistant professor of theatre and dance.  

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