Uptown starts off semester strong

Anna Jones

Arts & Life Editor

In his campus-wide email about the new social policy, University President John Bravman stressed that Uptown would have a larger presence on campus, and Uptown is definitely starting off strong with two events this past weekend.

Uptown hosted Jeopardy on Sept. 6. Despite having had many trivia nights in the past, they were not hosted Jeopardy before, so this was a new event. The event was extremely successful; at least 40 people participated in Jeopardy, and many others played pool or watched football at Uptown. One team won a $100 cash prize for answering the most number of questions correctly.

“They were the best group of the night. This group had great strategy for the game, and they definitely used it to their advantage, beating the other groups by a significant amount,” Uptown’s assistant manager, Greta Savickaite ’15, said.

Since the event was so successful, Uptown plans to host many more Jeopardy nights.

“The event is still pretty new, [so] we are definitely working to make it even better,” Savickaite said.

The second event at Uptown, hosted on Sept. 7, was the first Pub Night of the year. Whereas Jeopardy was open to the whole school, Pub Nights are only for students 21 and older.

“The numbers for the first one are usually lower, but we still had a great crowd,” Savickaite said.

Pub Nights are designed to give students a relaxing space to hang out with their friends.  Upon arrival at Uptown, students receive a bracelet that entitles them to three free drinks of beer or wine. They also offers snack foods to their guests.

At Pub Night people can play pool, watch sports games on TV, dance, and sing karaoke.

“[Karaoke] allows people to get on stage and sing their favorite songs while other people dance on the dance floor,” Savickaite said.

Uptown has several upcoming events, including karaoke tonight, as well as another Pub Night and a Poetry Slam on the weekend of Sept. 20. We Brake for Nobody, the University’s improv comedy troupe, will also perform at least once this semester.

Uptown plans to host its first register at the end of September.

“The register events allow various student groups and organizations to hold parties at Uptown,” Savickaite said.

Uptown will be hosting weekend events all semester long, so be sure to check the IN Network or Uptown’s Facebook page to see what’s going on.

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