Concert committee to combine budget into one show

Nicole DiRussa

Contributing Writer

The Concert Committee will combine the fall and spring concerts this year into one larger show with twice the budget. The committee is hopeful this will make the overall experience of one grander concert preferable for both the performers and the audience.

The goal for the new budget will improve everyone’s experience by putting more time, effort, and money into the preparation of the concert.

The concert committee will consider feedback from online surveys, which will be placed on sites like Facebook.

Options offered in the most recent survey included Ed Sheeran and Young the Giant this fall. The results have yet to be released, though without support for either candidate the concert will instead be held in the spring semester with different options for artists.

“I like the idea of having one big concert, as long as it’s worth the cut of the second one. I’d like to see a prevalent band to justify the change,” Amanda Waller ’16 said.

Last year’s concerts were plagued by issues with performers and weather.

Swedish DJ Avicii cancelled his appearance for the fall concert last year due to illness, and Hurricane Irene ended a second attempt to bring the artist to campus. American rapper Lupe Fiasco walked off stage a few songs into his set complaining about poor sound equipment.

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