Kingsfoil, 3OH!3, and ferris wheel make Fall Fest a hit

Anna Jones

Arts & Life Editor

Fall Fest is always a successful event for the University, but this year’s occasion went above and beyond. Sponsored by Activities and Campus Events (ACE), the event featured many activities designed to entertain students.

Dining services provided a free feast of barbeque, salad, fruit, macaroni and cheese, and many of their famous desserts. There was also a Ferris wheel—a perfect opportunity for students to take a new Facebook profile picture—and a giant slide. Students could also dress up and take pictures with their friends as well as tie-dye hats in school colors.

Fall Fest also featured good music all day. When no one was on stage, popular songs provided entertainment through the speakers. The event concluded with Kingsfoil and 3OH!3 performing some of their most popular songs. Kingsfoil, Frankie Muniz’s band, played at the University during the spring concert in April 2013. They seemed to enjoy being back on campus and played a fantastic show.

After Kingsfoil finished, 3OH!3 set up and played for almost an hour. Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, the band’s front men, entertained by joking with the crowd and performing multiple songs. They concluded Fall Fest with a strong rendition of “Don’t Trust Me,” the band’s most popular tune. These exceptional performances along with the activities and food provided created the perfect kick-off for the fall season.

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