Uptown Karaoke night provides quality entertainment

Anna Jones

Arts & Life Editor

If you like Disney music, you should have been at Uptown on Friday, Sep. 13. The club hosted a karaoke night, the first of many that will be held throughout the semester.

Participants sang a wide range of songs, from Disney soundtracks to more popular music. All were welcomed to sing and everyone could sing whatever he or she pleased. 

In addition to good music, participants were treated to candy, bread, and the campus favorite bison dip. Friday’s event had almost 15 students in attendance.

“Karaoke has always been an event that has struggled at Uptown, unless it is paired with a Pub Night,” Uptown Assistant Manager Emilie Ratajczak ’15 said

Everyone who came and participated in the karaoke night really enjoyed it.

“We hope to ramp up karaoke nights in the future,” Ratajczak said.

Uptown will host many more karaoke and pub nights in the future, so any student that has an interest in singing should stop by and check it out.

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