Downtown housing plan to be implemented

Jackson A. McCarron

News Editor

Beginning in 2015, the University will limit the number of students permitted to live off campus to 100 men and 100 women. 

Discussions about moving more students on campus began in 1998, and the number was decided on the trustee level, Associate Dean of Students Dan Remley said.

No students will be permitted to live in the houses on the east side of Sixth Street, as the homes do not meet University standards.

“Student safely is our number one priority,” Remley said.

The University will more strictly enforce a city ordinance which specifies the number of people allowed to live in residence.

“If the ordinance states that only three people are permitted to live in a dwelling, then we will only allow three people to live there,” Remley said.

The apartment style housing that the University will begin construction on this month, will account for the extra beds needed starting in the 2015-2016 school year, Remley said.

Several students currently living downtown or hoping to in the near future expressed disappointment in the plan.

“I think the decision to limit off campus housing will detract from the experience of living on your own before you graduate,” said a current senior living off campus who wished to remain anonymous.

“I wish that they would give us a clear answer on the housing situation,” said Ryan Thompson ’16, a current student looking to live downtown his senior year. “If they don’t want us to live downtown they should just tell us now.”

Remley said that he was aware that many current sophomores had already signed leases on downtown houses. He also said that his message about downtown housing has always been clear.

“Do not sign a lease,” Remley said. “We have always warned students about not signing leases before they are approved to live off campus.”

The University has a four-year residency requirement; unless a student is permitted by the University to live downtown they must live on campus, Remley said.

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