Freshman actors perform hilarious spoof on classic novels

Anna Jones

Arts & Life Editor

This past weekend, parents and alumni were able to experience University students’ performance abilities.

On Sept. 27-28, theatre students graced Tustin Studio Theatre with “All the Great Books (Abridged).”  The show was a parody of many classic books, such as the “Iliad,” the “Odyssey,” and “War and Peace.” Actors explained these stories through spoofs like “The Idiodity,” and used characters from many different books to reenact “War and Peace.”

The performance involved 10 first-year actors who enjoyed their debut in college theatre. It was also an interactive show; the audience participated by acting as “students” to the actors’ “teacher,” and occasionally spoke to the actors during the show.

“All the Great Books (Abridged)” was chosen based on the popularity of “Shakespeare Abridged,” which was put on during Family Weekend last year. It also seemed relevant to an audience of University students and their families, who are all familiar with these famous classics. Logan Kauffeld ’15 directed the show.

“Logan is very funny and a very talented director,” participating actress Alex Golden ’17 said. “He … gave us some free reign to develop our characters and improvise … so it was a very cooperative experience.”

All first-years thoroughly enjoyed their first foray into the University’s theatre program.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience … my cast mates were funny … and very supportive. Logan and … our stage manager knew exactly what they were doing … I just had a fantastic time,” Golden said.

Both Saturday performances sold out, so the audience was clearly just as excited as the actors.

The University’s theatre program is active all year long, so don’t miss any of the upcoming shows!

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