Public Safety Chief speaks to Bucknell Student Government

Ethan Zubkoff
Assistant News Editor

The University’s Chief of Public Safety Stephen Barilar spoke to the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) on Oct. 6 and addressed rumors about the situation in downtown Lewisburg.

Barilar said that although the local Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department (BVRPD) is worried that the decision to cancel House Party Weekend will move student activities downtown and into BVRPD’s jurisdiction, they have not increased their patrols and are actually down an officer.

Though students have claimed it seems that enforcement has increased, like the recent night in which BVRPD officers raided four student-leased houses, Barilar attributed those incidents to “students drawing attention to themselves,” and not a change in policy.

This previous weekend three University students were hospitalized due to high-risk consumption of alcohol, Barilar said.

“This keeps me awake at night,” Barilar said.

After hearing from Barilar, the BSG Congress voted to approve funds for 500 magnets to be given out at the homecoming football game.

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