News Briefs 11/5

Students must pick their dining preferences for next semester by choosing their meal plans by Nov. 29 on myBucknell.  First-years have the option of choosing from the Silver, Gold or Platinum plans. Upperclassmen can choose from the dining dollar plan or the block meal plan. The Dining Dollar Plan allows students to use their money at any campus dining location including the Bison, Seventh Street Café, Bostwick Marketplace and more. The block meal plan is based upon a limited amount of meals at Bostwick and the Terrace Room and a standard amount of dining dollars.  Additional dining dollars can be added at any time androll over every semester until graduation.

Last week, The Bucknellian reported on a sexual assault case involving Reed Dempsey ’13. On Sept. 5, Dempsey was accused of physically and sexually assaulting a 19-year-old student. The criminal charges against Dempsey have since been dropped.

The Bucknellian received two Gold Circle Awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association this year. Greg Stevenson ’12 earned a Certificate of Merit for Sports page design for color broadsheet. Erica Schiffres ’10 won a Certificate of Merit for First Person Experience for her study abroad piece about France.

Correction: In last week’s article about the Bison Stomp Out, the “Hip Hop style performance groups” were actually Step Teams that perform to hip hop music. The Bison Stomp Out was the first show of its kind at the University, so there were no returning champions. The Howard University Step Team referenced was actually the New York A-Team, including members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. The team did not dance like gorillas, but stepped like apes since apes are the symbolic animal associated with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. The member of the Howard University Step Team who bled on stage was hit in the nose by a member of his fraternity. The informal dance-off at the end of the event was not associated with the Step Competition.

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