Off the tube: House

By Katie Monigan

Arts & Life Editor

This season of House is decidedly different from the last, and it’s a refreshing change.

Last season, House struggled with addiction issues, and the people around him were especially timid, even after he returned to work.

This season, he’s mostly back to his old, grumpy self, minus the Vicodin.  What makes things much more interesting is that House’s circumstances have changed yet again. He is finally sleeping with Cuddy (after season upon season of sexual tension) even though she now has a toddler. His addiction drama is gone, and it’s back to the usual medical oddities.

In the most recent episode, Cuddy asks House to help care for her daughter and has him babysit one evening. He orders Chinese food, and when he and Wilson argue outside for a minute or two, they come back inside to find her eating the change. In another medical case, a woman with two types of cancer passes it on to her newborn, but House is constantly concerned with whether or not his neglect will kill Cuddy’s daughter.

Earlier this season, Thirteen left work, claiming to be entering a clinical trial for Huntington’s disease. She never actually went, and the team has no idea where she actually is. House decides to replace her with a new female doctor but so far, none has been accepted.

The two main sources of conflict this season, House’s relationship with Cuddy and the disappearance of Thirteen, are much more entertaining than those of the past. The medical mysteries are as interesting as ever, and the writing is still clever. Despite the negative changes last season, the new season has a tone reminiscent of very early episodes of House, and considering its former success, this current season is sure to be successful as well.

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