VP of Communications Pete Mackey to leave Bucknell in March

Madeline Diamond, Assistant News Editor

Vice President of Communications & Community Relations Pete Mackey announced that he is leaving the University in March to take on the position of Chief Communications Officer at Amherst College in Amherst, Mass.

Current Director of Media Communications Andy Hirsch has been named the interim VP while the University conducts a nationwide search for Mackey’s replacement. Additionally, Director for University Marketing and Web Content Molly O’Brien-Foelsch will take on further responsibilities during this transitional period.

Mackey has been at the University since 2006 when he originally joined the staff as Chief Communications Officer. He was the first person to hold this position, as it was created upon his arrival at the University. As VP for Communications and Community Relations, Mackey oversees all print and digital media, including the University’s website, publications, graphic design, branding, events, and mail. The Office of Communications includes a staff of 43, who deal with each of these divisions. Mackey and the Office of Communications partner with different offices throughout the University, including admissions and alumni relations.

One of his main duties is to “develop authentic, compelling messages,” Mackey said. Through multimedia, the Office of Communications seeks to recruit students, engage alumni and donors, and support the University.

Mackey has a background in university communications, previously holding the position of Director of Communications at the University of South Carolina. At Amherst, Mackey will be the University’s first Chief Communications Officer.

“I’ll miss the people. I’ve made great friendships here,” Mackey said.

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