Bingo Blingo draws large crowd

Lauren Boone, Managing Editor

The Activities and Campus Events Committee (ACE) kicked off the spring semester with Bingo Blingo on Jan. 17 in Bostwick Marketplace. ACE Advisor Chelsea Burghoff, President Tory Cutting ’14, and the ACE staff created a successful event that attracted over 600 students.

“Blingo was awesome because the prizes filled the cafeteria and everyone was extremely into winning their boards. It was a great time,” Kristen Bishof ’15 said.

The “bingo with fancy swag” featured several prizes: dorm essentials, movies, a Samsung Tablet, a flat screen television, a Keurig, gift cards to local restaurants, and a Blu Ray Player. The grand prize was an Xbox One.

“Bingo Blingo has been so successful because it’s an event that’s competitive, fun, and relaxing. It always brings everyone together,” ACE Programming Chair Shiri Levine ’16 said.

Among Bingo Blingo, ACE organizes and hosts several events each semester that are exclusive to University students.  Tonight from 9 p.m.-11 p.m., ACE is bringing “Brian Miller: Comedy, Magician, Mind Reader, Musician” to the ELC Hearth Space. The other events to look forward to this semester include Just Desserts, Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day Soiree, ThinkFast Game Show, BU After Dark, March Madness, Casino Night, Canoe Battleship, Arcade Night, As Seen on TV, Movie Night, and Chrysalis.

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