Theft on campus raises concern

Kerong Kelly and Madeline Diamond, News Editor and Assistant News Editor

According to Public Safety, there has been an increase in theft on campus. Since the beginning of 2014, eight thefts have been reported on campus. Last year at this time, there were only two reported thefts.

Public Safety is currently seeking an explanation for the increase in campus theft. The crimes have occurred throughout the campus; items have been stolen from the Krebs Fitness Center, unlocked classrooms, and unlocked rooms in residence halls. The stolen items include clothing from Krebs, academic materials from Coleman Hall, and cash from a wallet in Smith Hall. While many valuable items like computers and cash have been reported stolen, Public Safety also received reports of items of lesser value. Due to this variance, the thefts do not appear to be related.

“The best way to reduce thefts is to have everyone lock their room[s] when they are not occupied,” Chief of Public Safety Steve Barilar said.

In an effort to increase the level of safety on campus, Public Safety intends to install additional surveillance cameras in major common areas such as academic buildings, and at major road intersections like the Seventh Street cross walk.

Barilar urges students to keep in contact with Public Safety.

“We would also like anyone seeing suspicious persons or activity to call Public Safety immediately so we can investigate the actions and persons that might be involved in such activity,” Barilar said.

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