Magician dazzles students

Doug Hendry, Assistant Sports Editor

In his first college performance of the spring, magician Brian Miller traveled to the University on Jan. 24 to perform at the Elaine Langone Center. Combining several different talents, Miller was a hit for his packed audience.

A man with many talents, Miller specializes as a magician, comedian, musician, and mind-reader, all of which were featured throughout the night. Miller has made a name for himself and has been nominated for America’s “Best Small Venue Performers” by Campus Activities Magazine.

Miller made jokes about both audience members and himself, and his show featured much audience participation as he called up several students to help with the tricks. From imagining a movie screen of flying cards to trying to break a necklace in half to telling a participant to lie about what card he had chosen, Miller had the audience members on the stage doing anything and everything.

The musical part of Miller’s show involved his guitar-playing, and he used the music to enhance some of his tricks. There were a few basic tricks to start off the show, such as changing three different-sized ropes into the same length. Still, there were plenty of new illusions, such as taping his fingers together and getting objects stuck between his fingers without removing the tape.

“The way he incorporated different things, like his guitar and music with his goofy humor and his actual magic, was very good,” Addison Bliss ’17 said.

Miller completed his hour-long performance with a pulse-reading finale, which was similar to mind reading. He went three-for-three on guessing the card chosen by the participant just by measuring pulses to see whether the participant was telling the truth or lying when asked a question about their card.

“My favorite trick was definitely the dollar bill trick. I was just amazed by how he somehow got that dollar bill into a wrapped box while doing the rest of the trick. The pulse reading was probably my second favorite. Overall, the performance was very enjoyable,” ACE member and event co-coordinator Raffi Berberian ’14 said.

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