Students, staff, and community members take the plunge

Lauren Boone, Managing Editor

Several hundred University students, staff, and local Lewisburg residents dove into the icy water of the Susquehanna River during the Polar Bear Plunge on Feb. 1.

This year marked the ninth annual Polar Bear Plunge. The event was part of the 11th annual Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival.

It cost $20 to register for the event, and all proceeds from the Plunge will benefit the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership.

The event attracted a variety of participants. While some opted for a bathing suit, other participants opted for more unconventional outfits. The Easter Bunny, the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam were just some of the more festive participants.

With so many participants diving into the freezing water of the Susquehanna, safety is the event’s number-one priority.

“The Union County Emergency Services monitors the water for us prior to the event and is on hand during the event,” Assistant Director of Community Service Lynn Pierson said. “William Cameron Engine Company is also on hand in case of emergency.”

The event was a fun way to celebrate the cold temperatures of the Lewisburg winters.

“I thought it was a good event that brought the school and town communities together to do something fun,” Anna Jones ’16 said. “I registered because the money supports a good cause and I wanted to do something crazy but fun, and something I’d probably only be crazy enough to do in college.”

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