State of the Union Republican Stance

Matthew Wyman, Contributing Writer

If you were one of the eight million Americans who lost their healthcare this past year and you were hoping to hear an apology from the man in charge at the White House, you are probably still waiting. If you were hoping that he would address the spying that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been conducting in the recent weeks, you are probably still waiting. If you were hoping to get any useful knowledge from this year’s State of the Union Address, you are probably still waiting. It is what the president did not say that should tell you the most about the state of our beloved union. In 2014, we still live in a society in which both Democrats and Republicans cannot own up to their mistakes. We still live in a society where men and women who are elected to represent the citizens of our country ignore each other’s ideas and opinions. It seems that a man who promoted and promised hope and change is still conforming to the norms of political America.

With the lowest approval rating in the history of the United States, the current administration is looking to bounce back this year. President Barack Obama has promised a year of action. He has vowed to ignore Congress and flex his presidential powers, essentially promising the American people that he is going to ignore your elected officials whether you like it or not. To Obama, your vote that elected these congressmen is meaningless. It is inconceivable that a man with a degree from Harvard Law School cannot see that the American people are trying to send a message to the White House. This message is to please stop destroying our country.

Aside from the president admitting he plans to ignore our “Hopes” and “Changes” voters made in Congress, Obama refocused his commitment on the Democratic Party. After all, it wouldn’t be America if the current president didn’t take time out of his busy schedule to plant the seeds for the next election. Spoiler alert: the Democratic Party is going to target women–it is planning to spoon-feed every female in America (Hillary Clinton in 2016, anyone?) whether you like it or not. This seems to be a safe bet to win the next election because let’s face it, as a Tea Party conservative, I would rather elect an unqualified politician who has ridden the coattails of her husband’s presidency before I will vote for a politician who sees Russia from the window of her bedroom. Obama made a pitch for equality for women. “A woman deserves equal pay … because … when women succeed, America succeeds,” he said. This is a great message that absolutely deserves the attention of all Americans. However, we are talking about a president who dedicated six years to a healthcare system whose website failed on the first official day. But hey, Hillary Clinton is a strong and independent woman who will lead the equality movement for women. After all, if her last name wasn’t Clinton, would she be this relevant in politics?

To conclude on the disappointing State of the Union Address, I will say one positive thing about the president: at least this time around he learned to dull down the vocabulary so Vice President Joe Biden could understand what was going on.

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