14th Annual First Night welcomes Class of 2017

Brianna Marshall , Staff Writer

The Class of 2017 participated in First Night on Jan. 31, marking the successful completion of their first semester at the University.

First Night is a long-standing University tradition that unifies first-years and is an entrance into the lifelong community of students and alumni.

First Night festivities commenced in Rooke Chapel with remarks from Class of 2017 Bucknell Student Government (BSG) leaders. Elizabeth Sheprow ’17, Bucknell Student Government Representative, revealed the Class of 2017 motto: “The power to transform the future lies within our differences.”

“We have scholars, athletes, musicians, artists, future engineers, future entrepreneurs … the list goes on and on. As a class we have the ability to use our diverse talents to tackle modern problems and transform the future,” Sheprow said.

Each first-year hall presented custom pages that represent the unique personalities and identities of the members of the Class of 2017. These pages were combined in a book that will be displayed in the weeks leading up to Commencement 2017. This tradition has been maintained for years by University students and serves as a way to preserve the memories and friendships of the first-year experience.

Following Rooke Chapel activities, the Class of 2017 processed through campus to President John Bravman’s house to receive the traditional University president’s address. In keeping with First Night tradition, members of the Class of 2017 serenaded Bravman with the University’s Alma Mater song.

Students of the Class of 2017 were also presented with their unique crest and motto shirts to commemorate the First Night milestone.

The future of the Class of 2017 is bright, a sentiment that was shared throughout the First Night ceremonies.

“As we accept our differences and learn from them, we will certainly make a significant impact on not only Bucknell, but also the world,” Nina Nevarez ’17 said.

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