CCSA holds Chinese New Year Celebration

Anushka Mehrotra, Contributing Writer

The Chinese Culture and Student Association (CCSA) hosted an evening of performances and food in Larison Hall on Feb 1. to mark the start of the Chinese New Year.

Through a collaborative effort on the part of International Student Services (ISS), Multicultural Student Services (MSS), and Bucknell Student Government (BSG), students, faculty and members of the Bloomsburg University community participated in the event.

The event consisted of 11 different performances, including a Dai Minority dance (performed by Bloomsburg University), the song “Blue Little Flower,” a Watersleeve dance, and a rendition of the duet ‘The New Drunken Beauty,” where the singer sang both the male and female parts of the song.

Halfway through the evening, the performances paused for a dinner that included vegetable lo mein, fried tofu, and spicy pork ribs. For dessert, there was Sweet Sago Cream with coconut milk, a refreshing end to the meal.

“This is the most important event for our culture because it’s the time families can get together and just enjoy their time with each other,” Kelly Yuan ’15, a member of CCSA, said.

When asked why they put on the event she explained that it was mainly to get the student body to learn more about Chinese history and culture, but also to help the Chinese students feel more at home.

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