Samek Art Gallery features new exhibits

Alessandro Andreani, Writer

The Samek Art Gallery is currently hosting both “Afrotechtopia,” an exhibit on Afrofuturism, and New York artist Sophia Wallace’s “The Cliteracy Project.”

In “Afrotechtopia,” several creations by different artists will be on display to explore Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism uses the visual language and narrative stylings of science fiction to create new perspectives into black experiences. This artistic phenomenon aims to rewind the past and create a collective vision of the future through the use of technology and mythology.

Wallace, a conceptual artist and photographer, discussed her project at the Gallery Theater on Feb 12. “The Cliteracy Project,” a project aimed at discussing citizenship, sexuality, the body and human rights is hosted in partnership with the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the Women’s Resource Center.

Through her mixed media exhibit at the Samek Art Gallery, Wallace’s goal is to elevate the status of what she feels is an “often overlooked part of the female anatomy.” Her presentation was followed by a reception.

“One thing that stands out most to me in [the Afrotechtopia] exhibit, as being unique, is the listening room. It’s set up like a time portal to the 1970s, and you can just put on headphones and zone out, and it takes you to another time period,” Eric Schroeder ’16 said.

The Afrotechtopia exhibit features a similar type of variety. Afrofuturistic creations can take many forms, such as music, film, literature, comics, graphics, and visual arts.

“There is a lot of diversity in this exhibit, there are some graphic works that I really liked, for example, Black Kirby was really cool. I’ll definitely come back next week and check it out again, looking at some works a little bit closer,” Paul Naton, Lewisburg resident and artist, said.
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